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 Halloween Swing

 cool stuff!

 I like this a lot, I don't find it 'scary' or whatever but very nice

I like the menace it exudes

there is a malevolent quality

hehehhe !niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

delicios sounding

 F – OrePray



the dynamic/involved guitar makes me think of the Hold Steady

 Great ryhthm and loop. Interesting use of guitars


I feel like walking on misty pond among fresh sparkling drops of water falling around

lovely ... very soothing

B.Toven's Allegretto/Metallegretto - 7th 2nd Movem


sick stuff dude ! really, drop by sometime

This is great stuff, very relaxing

 this is SO BADASS, man!

i'm liking this part alot...good stuff! 

nice... flying...... i like it....

great intro...subtle

ethereal! sooo nice

Another Brick In The Wall - Waters, Pink Floyd

nice tones

Very cool sound

  • Listener-I assumed this was lead guitar over a Pink Floyd backing track... Not a full blown, solo guitar arrangement of Another Brick. Nicely done! Great use of reverb and delay. at 1.07

 KGINK-no Pink Floyd backing track, just "full blown solo guitar", I swear, I did it live, straight to CD burner with just an electric guitar directly plugged in & delay, originally it was over 8 min long

Awesome Mod you made with the guitar sounds! :)

One of the strangest performances I've heard! Essential and very personal!


Love that wah!

Original! I like this!!

I like this breakdown section!

 Funky guitar, some great styles of music in this piece, I really like it

Love this drop out & the drums that follow

Love this passage right here

great rhythm!


Very good

Excellent driving beat. Needs to go somewhere though...


nice beats and guitar tone!

impressive skills! I can barely play any instruments! I like your soundcloud philosophy, keep it up!

I like the chaos and the push/pull as the instruments weave in and out of phase, very interesting collage

right on

Hymn Suite

Really like this piece! Is this one done with one steel and one nylon guitar?

Really nice..

Keep u the great work my ears love this!!! Please come visit my page and let me know what u think about the tracks I just released!!!

this ones so peaceful man :) really relax-in vibe !! :)

Your guitar playing just had a conversation with my soul!.....great music. 

Excellent execution. Soulful!

really beautiful guitar playing. I like playing guitar too, sometimes. But my main instrument is the piano :) Really love your guitar playing, very well done!! :)

great work man! very well played!! 

Guau, very good 




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