I Love A Darling




What do you want to know?


If there's an interest expressed I'll print the lyrics. This is the 2nd mix. The first was entirely looped percussion from garage band. Then I created this loop & used my live drum set. My computer speakers don't properly reflect the bass in this loop. The drum set & loop are not perfect together, but who will hear it anyway? Who will listen?  I bet many would prefer the 1st version made up of looped percussion. There's also the instrumental version made up of the original loops. I often take a melody/idea & rework it to another style. I don't usually sing but I wanted to try. Vocals came together decently in a few parts but distinct in others. What do I know. I think it sounds fine. This song was created from the melody that is played. Sometimes I start with a drum beat I like, or a bass riff like in "Sing A Song", or guitar riff and create the entire piece around an initial idea. Usually I record the idea & either create the entire piece, adding other instruments, or go back to it later. Initial solo ideas are rediscovered & built upon & in cases like Waltz of the Flowers, it can take years! And it still sucks!  But it's fun to build a piece, to take it in unlikely directions or even realize that it sucks & should be deleted at once!