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  • 05:49 Story Lyrics
    How Can It Be In My Country

    How can it be in my country?

    how can it be 
    in my country?

    how can it be 
    in my country?

    local church floor shelters 7 days a week
    & they’re filling up to provide a meal & a pad to sleep
    then early in the morning they’re out on the street
    & the state is cutting social service funds like bad meat

    & it’s a long hard day/road
    when you’ve got no where to go
    when you have no money
    & you’re wearing the same cloths

    all walks of life of every age
    caught in that trap of low or no wage

    many are old now-invisible &in the way
    not one i ever met foresaw this day

    live’in check to check
    run’in up that debt 
    one can’t afford any mistakes
    when officers or doctors help you awake

    so many walk that line
    live’in strapped & just get’in by
    at will working for those profiting billions
    crumbs but to a few of a portioned pie

    & as today goes by
    the wealthiest r happy as can be
    investing in profitable penitentiaries

    when your prisons are full
    more so than any other land
    perhaps such ways& laws r criminal
    more so, than any man

    what kind of people are we making
    with such violence in our land
    judging other nations when prescription pills
    & deadly weapons decimate our own hand

    and when you still have crime
    though every cell be full & over run (crowded)
    & every person of color
    be dead or locked away from (shrouded)

    the building state of the art prisons
    while public schools crumble
    add a drug war & unchecked bank fraud 
    & a news media in shambles

    all so financial interests
    like economic vultures 
    can legally make sure they get paid
    & will lock up the poor
    while virtually ignoring wealth’s corrupted ways

    the great wealth of any country
    is in it’s people’s unity
    where equality is practiced
    & all life attributed dignity

    but I’m a evil man
    & that’s no lie
    with an evil plan
    & many by my side

    I’m gonna fill a mansion & storage
    from ceiling to floor
    like a dragon i am perched over my hoard
    online shopping for more

    i will fill every space between you & me
    until an image is all you see
    &i will loosely band together w/those financially like me
    making every law justifying our greed

    & with all power & law on my side
    the roots run deep & the circle wide
    tell the fools straining to watch me stride
    with all the celebrity & flashing camera pageantry
    they’re better off finding a place to hide

    how can a person EARN a billion 
    or be worth such a price?
    these lies are only true
    if you believe 
    with little regard to the cost of poverty


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    We Are All Refugees

    released this long ago - far too few Americans care about the refugees much less the poverty in their own neighborhoods. I am an American that cares about you and all people of the world, i just make music. 

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