by Ƙ Ɠ ℹ︎ ƞ ⱪ

Just getting Started. I have a few that are finished but more than need editing.
All Rights Reserved. 2016 I can't afford to "officially release" this music on CD's - that would take me years. These are all tracks that are decent enough to be heard that I don't need to edit or material that I have no interest adding to it. However, most of my material, the best & most intricate like 5Foreign or Polka Pop, needs further editing or isn't quite finished. When you play all the instruments, do all the recording, editing, it's wonderful to see material develop but by the time I've completed some pieces I'd rather never hear them again! I get very sick of my own music. But I still have 100's of pieces that I need to complete. It's easy to start an idea & to casually add to it, but to complete it, edit every tone if necessary, can be a colossal task. My version of Waltz of the Flowers was over 20 tracks of guitars that needed to be layered & edited beyond imagination. It will never sound that great to me because all I hear are flaws. But on the musical side of things, there are many songs I've liked through the years because of "so called" flaws. Singers that go out of tune, timing issues, instrument intonation, flaws in recorded instrument sounds like distortion or amplifier noise, odd drum kit noises - the fact is, if I don't hear a classical guitar player's fingers fret work or the raw punch of a live violin quintet or the the thump of the bass drum then I'm not sure how real it is. I do all of this in garage band. to encourage others to become creative, sometimes incorporating electronic loops for drums, but usually I like to either mix a live drum set with a simple percussive loop or have no electronic loops at all. I only like to incorporate loops when either I wrote the song using a loop like a metronome or the drum part is sufficiently complex. It also depends what fits. In the early days I didn't have access to recording live drums so I was forced to use a drum machine. So I created my own beats & loops & added delay effects to record an actual original beat. I try to be open minded but I don't like using loops in my material because I did not create them. I do not deserve the credit & I'd rather put out material entirely created by me. But modern loops are amazing, far beyond anything I could create so I try to always say "this contains a loop" if I use one.