10 acious

by Ƙ Ɠ ℹ︎ ƞ ⱪ

Released 01/26/2017
Released 01/26/2017
instrumental & vocal rock
  • 02:48 Story Lyrics
    I Love A Darling

    If there's an interest expressed I'll print the lyrics. This is the 2nd mix. The first was entirely looped percussion from garage band. Then I created this loop & used my live drum set. My computer speakers don't properly reflect the bass in this loop. The drum set & loop are not perfect together, but who will hear it anyway? Who will listen?  I bet many would prefer the 1st version made up of looped percussion. There's also the instrumental version made up of the original loops. I often take a melody/idea & rework it to another style. I don't usually sing but I wanted to try. Vocals came together decently in a few parts but distinct in others. What do I know. I think it sounds fine. This song was created from the melody that is played. Sometimes I start with a drum beat I like, or a bass riff like in "Sing A Song", or guitar riff and create the entire piece around an initial idea. Usually I record the idea & either create the entire piece, adding other instruments, or go back to it later. Initial solo ideas are rediscovered & built upon & in cases like Waltz of the Flowers, it can take years! And it still sucks!  But it's fun to build a piece, to take it in unlikely directions or even realize that it sucks & should be deleted at once! 

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    Wandering Around
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    Polka Pop
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    Variation On A Theme

    This is classical music. It is a variation of the same theme over & over. At times I stray far enough to think that it's not all just repetition - but melody finds its embrace at the end & goes out with a bang! The drum set played has no edits other than no sound during the quiet parts & it was played & ends exactly as recorded. No loops! The initial melody started with a limited, dull & purposefully dire set of notes - to make them beautiful. 


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    Flowering Stratocaster Waltz

    I always loved this piece of music. The reason for attempting a version of my own has been to reflect the original and reinterpret the piece.

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    Dragon Scale
  • 03:13 Story
    Metal Swing
  • 09:09 Story Lyrics
    Sing A Song

    Perhaps a song for kids.


    "Sing a song

    A simple song

    that anyone can sing along"


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Track Names 1-17

Alpha Opening
Polka Pop Redux
Ally Gator
Sing A Song
Electrophic Variations
5 Foreign
Dragon Scale
Metal On A Swing
Scyth Fire Dance
Bass World Blue
I Love A Darling
Cluster Fluk
Wandering Around
Flowering Strat Waltz
Rising Above
O-Mega Ending

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